Dugi otok is located behind the islands of Ugljan and Pasman. Its name itself says it is very long (45 km) and on the other side it is very narrow (1-4 km). There are 12 populated places on the island, where you can stay in private apartments and rooms. Only places Sali, Luka and Bozava have hotels. The island can be reached by ferry Zadar-Brbinj, by ship or catamaran lines Zadar-Sali-Zaglav. Dugi otok is surrounded by smaller islands Molat, Kornati, Iz, Zverinac, Sestrunj etc. There is a unique view on the archipelago from the road that connects the villages on the island. There is a series of beautiful bays for swimming on the island and highlight is the bay Telascica, a unique park of nature, which extends over 70 km2 and contains numerous small coves, unique flora and fauna, and the salt lake, "Mir." We can freely say that Dugi otok is one of the most attractive undiscovered places in Croatia. From north to south, we reach the places Veli Rat, Bozava Dragove, Brbinj, Luka, Zman, Zaglav and Sali in the south. Sali is the nearest to the Telascica bay, and it is the administrative center of Dugi otok, the place named for former salt works. Attraction of Sali is Sali uzance party, visited by hundreds of tourists and it takes place on the first weekend in August. From the beautiful island of Dugi otok and from Sali you can visit Biograd and Pakostane, as well as the nearby Murter and Tisno and you will not make mistake by visiting Vodice and nearby Tribunj. Look for a boat from the large offer of boats in marina Kornati.

  • Dugi - Sali
  • Dugi - Sali



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